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Mar. 18.

Vitamin D and Flu Prevention

The medical community is quick to encourage adults and children to take the flu vaccine every year to prevent catching the influenza. However, it does not guarantee the prevention of the flu. In fact, many people had caught the flu or got very ill after receiving the flu vaccine. This vaccine contains poisons that can cause serious injury or an adverse reaction. There are alternative methods that work well without contaminating your body.

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Vitamin D is one of them. This vitamin has been ignored for too long by the medical community. They are now catching on how very beneficial this vitamin is in preventing diseases and depression. Many people do not know there is a connection between vitamin D deficiency and influenza. Vitamin D and flu prevention must be taken seriously in order to keep people healthy. Most people get their vitamin D from the sun, foods, and supplements. The sufficient amount of vitamin D that people need from the sun will vary, depending on the amount of time they spend in it, the pigmentation of their skin, and how much they weigh.

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Doctors recommend that we get 15 minutes or more of sunlight daily. Fifteen minutes are great for fair-skinned people, but not good for people with darker skin pigmentations. They need more sun exposure or supplements from whole food sources to get the sufficient amount of vitamin D, especially for those who live up North.

You can get tested to see if you are deficient in vitamin D. A doctor or nutritionist will recommend your daily intake based on your  results. When taking an adequate amount of this vitamin,  the flu will be kept at bay. Vitamin D is the best kind of flu prevention and not the flu vaccine.

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Jan. 03.

How to Become a Giver

“It is better to give than it is to receive.” This profound statement speaks the truth and rings a bell to those who have ears to hear.  However, there is nothing wrong with receiving.  Being receptive is allowing your blessing to come forth. Unfortunately, some get stuck in the  receptive mode. These people become  takers and only look for their blessings.  When you take, you create a deficit in the universe. If you are not giving, the universe will not give to you. In other words, you cannot reap because you  did not sow. Therefore, learn how to become a giver.  Become a blessing to others instead of always seeking a blessing.

There are many ways you can give. You can give some of your time to those who are in need.  Donate money to a worthy cause or charity. Tithe to a church or who gives you spiritual advice. Make someone happy or feel special.  It could be simple as giving someone a smile or volunteering your time. When you give from your heart, you are making deposits in the universe. You will reap the benefits from your deposits. Our creator loves it when we give and help each other. God bestows many blessings upon us because of our giving hearts. Think and writing down  how you can be a blessing to others, then carry it out. Become a giver from your heart. Just remember what you give out, you get back.