Feb. 05.

Weak Central Coherence and Autism

Studies suggest that individuals with autism have a weak central coherence (Tager-Flusberg Joseph, & Folstein, 2001). They recognize the hidden parts and are not susceptible to visual illusions (Tager-Flusberg Joseph, & Folstein, 2001). Individuals with autism would fail to utilize linguistic framework to interpret or disambiguate homographs during read aloud (Tager-Flusberg Joseph, & Folstein, 2001). Conversely, there several studies that demonstrate evidence of an intact global processing abilities in those with autism, which will contradict the weak coherence hypothesis (Tager-Flusberg Joseph, & Folstein, 2001).  It could actually be the neuropsychological foundation remains to be elucidated that are likely to consist of numerous of interacting anomaly and deficits in attention (Tager-Flusberg Joseph, & Folstein, 2001).

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