Jan. 22.

Vibrational Frequency

Everything is energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. Frequency vibrates on a scale from high to low. This frequency will move up and down based on our emotions.  When we are blissful and happy, our  vibrational frequency is high.  When we are angry, our frequency vibrates on the lower scale.  You will attract people and events from the energy that is projected within you. Many people are unaware of their energy field  and the consequences they attract to themselves.

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When you become conscious or awake, you will want to learn how to raise your vibrational frequency. One who possesses a vibrational match to his or her desires will bring them forth into fruition. In other words, you must be on the same frequency to what you want to manifest.  For example, the most intense and frequent thoughts you have become your reality.  Becoming aware of what’s inside your consciousness and subconsciousness, will allow you to get hold onto your life.
Here is the first thing you need do. Heal any emotional pain that in you by forgiving the person who has betrayed you. This is to help you release any bitterness or anger. Releasing these feelings will raise your vibrational frequency high.

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Affirmations are great for uplifting your mind to a higher consciousness. However, they must be in present tense and ponder upon throughout the day for at least 15 minutes or more. For instance, I am at peace. I am happy. You must also visualize and feel peace or happiness within you.  This raises your vibrational frequency immediately. Surround yourself with happy and loving people who will uplift your energy. Release the negative ones that depletes you. Affirmation SoftwareClick Here!

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