Jan. 03.

Manifest Your Goals

Here are some tips in making your desires come true. Manifest your goals easily.  First, believe in yourself  if you want others to believe in you.  You must also believe that you deserve to be successful.  Secondly, you must change your consciousness in believing you can achieve your goals through affirmations and visualization for at least 15 minutes or more throughout the day.  Write down your goals as if you had already achieved them. You must change your inner world to see changes in your environment.  Take the time to work on your desires or  passions.  Whether it is an hour a day or a few minutes.  Action is very important in  how to make your desires come true or a reality.

Unfortunately, people have great ideas, but fail to put them into action or give up too quickly.  Paitence is a virtue and must be practiced. Each time you fail, learn from your failure and try again. Many great  businesspeople failed many times while getting started. For example, the founder of Macy’s department  store failed in the beginning before this store became a huge success. He eventually manifested his dream department store. You too can manifest your goals.

Complete this activity.

Write down the following questions and think about them while you are  coming up with your answers. What are your desires or passions in life and why?  How do you want to pursue them and when?    Does your desires or passions resonate within your soul? If you say yes, then you are on the right track.

Change your surroundings and get help!

Hang around like-minded people. The wrong people will talk you out of your dreams. They will tell you why it will not work or why it’s impossible to do it. Seek or attract people who are doing what you are pursuing. Get advice from the right  people who had succeeded in the field you are aspiring and practice the attitude of gratitude. Seek help if you are stuck. A good mentor or a coach will help you get on track in manifesting your goals. You can also seek help from the divine. Just go within yourself to connect with God to help you find ways to  accomplish your goals.  Create a progress sheet for you goals. Write down daily 15 things you are grateful for in a journal. This is letting the universe know that you want more of the good things in life.  Practice all of these steps and see how your desires come into fruition. These are a few tips on how to manifest your desires. 


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