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Autism and Special Solutions for Special Diets

Some children are allergic to a variety of foods, which limit their diets significantly.  Parents are very concerned with their children’s nutritional intake.  They believe that they will lack certain vitamins and minerals because of dietary restrictions. Furthermore, parents think that special diets such as the casein-free/gluten-free diet can be very hard on children’s emotional and physical well-being. If these diets are followed correctly, the child will feel much better and can still enjoy events.  With this dilemma, how do you rectify the situation so that the child will feel that he or she is included?

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Well, here are some suggestions for you to consider to alleviate the problem.  You can bring some foods that the child is able to eat, if possible. For example, at birthday parties, most children will have cakes that made are from wheat.  You can talk to the parents ahead of time, explain your situation, and arrange to bring an extra cake that is gluten-free and does not have dairy in it. This can also be done when the child is in school.  The teacher can notify you ahead of time if there are going to be parties, so a substitute can be given to the child.

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Communication from the home to the school and vice versa is very important for this diet to be successful.  If you experience problems, you can put this on the child’s Individualized Education Plan(IEP) and the school will have to comply. The school cafeteria can help provide alternative foods for your child, if this is stated on the IEP.  The child can bring some gluten-free and casein-free goodies to school to share with classmates.  The other children will enjoy them as well and no one will left out.

However, if you are still having problems with your child craving forbidden foods, avoid having these foods around him or her without a substitute that they can eat and enjoy. Some children are known to steal the allergic or sensitive food items from others.

This excerpt is found in the
Book Efeective Treatment and Soltutions for the Autistic Population by Angela Williamson

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