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Dec. 15.

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

What is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)?  VAERS is a  national surveillance  agency  that is co-sponsor by the Center for Disease Control and Food and Drug Administration. This agency collects information on  adverse reactions or side effects from U.S. licensed  vaccines.

 Who can report adverse reactions from vaccines? Parents, doctors, vaccine manufacturers, concerned citizens, etc. Basically, anyone can report adverse reactions from U.S. licensed vaccines.

How do I report a possible adverse reaction from vaccines? You may contact VAERS at (800) 822-7967  for forms to be faxed or mailed.  They can be downloaded from  You may also file online through VAERS web reporting system  After the forms are completed, you can fax them to (877) 721-0366 or by mail to the address below.

PO Box 1100
Rockville, MD 20849

Is the system being used efficiently? No. Many people do not know about the VAERS program to report adverse events and  the health care providers are not reporting reactions from vaccines to VAERS .

If you have  more questions about VAERS, click on this link  for frequently asked questions.

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Nov. 01.

Radio Interview with Author Angela Williamson

Ms. Angela Williamson discusses her book Effective Treatments and Solutions for the Autistic Population with Curtis IlluminatedOne Davis on Occult Science Radio.

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Oct. 31.

Sensory integration and Autism

Many individuals with autism experience sensory integration dysfunction or sensory processing disorder, which can include the following such as tactile defensiveness, vestibular processing deficits, gravational insecurity, proprioceptive issue, etc.  Many experience sensory overload that causes them to shut down, indulge in self-stimulatory behaviors or display meltdowns. Individuals with autism who bump and crash into things and seek sensory input need sensory integration therapy. Those who are hyperactive, resist being touched, unable to focus, writing difficulties, falling down, chewing difficulties, etc.,need sensory intergration as well.

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What Is Sensory Processing Disorder? See the clip below.

Several techniques can address sensory integration dysfunction or sensory processing disorder in those with autism such as the Wilbarger protocol. It involves a series of therapeutic approaches, such as the deep pressure brushing, weighted vest, joint compression, weighted belt, jumping on a trampoline, therapy ball, etc. Some activities help with visual tracking and other visual processing problems. These activities help meet the needs of central nervous system, which varies from person to person. An occupational therapist will create a sensory diet that provides these varies activities based on the individual with autism sensory needs.This allows the senses to integration which improves socialization, learning, behavior, etc.

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He or she can demonstrate this method for you to do at home and for the teacher to do inside the classroom. Sensory integration improves the lives of those with autism.

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Mar. 18.

Vitamin D and Flu Prevention

The medical community is quick to encourage adults and children to take the flu vaccine every year to prevent catching the influenza. However, it does not guarantee the prevention of the flu. In fact, many people had caught the flu or got very ill after receiving the flu vaccine. This vaccine contains poisons that can cause serious injury or an adverse reaction. There are alternative methods that work well without contaminating your body.

See video!

Vitamin D is one of them. This vitamin has been ignored for too long by the medical community. They are now catching on how very beneficial this vitamin is in preventing diseases and depression. Many people do not know there is a connection between vitamin D deficiency and influenza. Vitamin D and flu prevention must be taken seriously in order to keep people healthy. Most people get their vitamin D from the sun, foods, and supplements. The sufficient amount of vitamin D that people need from the sun will vary, depending on the amount of time they spend in it, the pigmentation of their skin, and how much they weigh.

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Doctors recommend that we get 15 minutes or more of sunlight daily. Fifteen minutes are great for fair-skinned people, but not good for people with darker skin pigmentations. They need more sun exposure or supplements from whole food sources to get the sufficient amount of vitamin D, especially for those who live up North.

You can get tested to see if you are deficient in vitamin D. A doctor or nutritionist will recommend your daily intake based on your  results. When taking an adequate amount of this vitamin,  the flu will be kept at bay. Vitamin D is the best kind of flu prevention and not the flu vaccine.

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Jan. 22.

Vibrational Frequency

Everything is energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. Frequency vibrates on a scale from high to low. This frequency will move up and down based on our emotions.  When we are blissful and happy, our  vibrational frequency is high.  When we are angry, our frequency vibrates on the lower scale.  You will attract people and events from the energy that is projected within you. Many people are unaware of their energy field  and the consequences they attract to themselves.

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When you become conscious or awake, you will want to learn how to raise your vibrational frequency. One who possesses a vibrational match to his or her desires will bring them forth into fruition. In other words, you must be on the same frequency to what you want to manifest.  For example, the most intense and frequent thoughts you have become your reality.  Becoming aware of what’s inside your consciousness and subconsciousness, will allow you to get hold onto your life.
Here is the first thing you need do. Heal any emotional pain that in you by forgiving the person who has betrayed you. This is to help you release any bitterness or anger. Releasing these feelings will raise your vibrational frequency high.

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Affirmations are great for uplifting your mind to a higher consciousness. However, they must be in present tense and ponder upon throughout the day for at least 15 minutes or more. For instance, I am at peace. I am happy. You must also visualize and feel peace or happiness within you.  This raises your vibrational frequency immediately. Surround yourself with happy and loving people who will uplift your energy. Release the negative ones that depletes you. Affirmation SoftwareClick Here!

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Jan. 16.

Autism and Social Skills

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Individuals with autism often lack the necessary skills to socialize within the norm. Multitudes of parents use alternative medicine, various educational techniques, and different support services, such as occupational therapy to help their children progress. These methods have helped this population significantly. Many were able to live independently or on their own, but they still lack crucial social skills to establish healthy relationships with others.

Teaching individuals with autism social skills is hugely debated among parents and professionals alike. Is it possible for individuals with autism across the spectrum to obtain social skills? Multitudes of professionals say no. They claim only high functioning individuals with autism can be taught social skills, which excludes  the ones who are labeled as low functioning.  They also theorize that individuals with autism cannot learn after a certain age, which is not true at all. You can teach individuals with autism social skills at any age. If they are alive and well, they can learn. Many of these techniques discussed in this blog are based on the Son-Rise program.

Here are some important things you must realize and use before you begin teaching people with autism social skills. It is important to change your mindset. Think about these questions and answer them. Are you openly inviting? Do you easily get displease and start to scream because of behavioral difficulties from the individual with autism? How is your body language around this population?

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It is important for you to have a nonjudgmental and loving attitude while working among individuals with autism.  If it is difficult for you to change your mindset,  then you must start by loving yourself. You must love and accept yourself first by going within. This will allow you to remove any blocks that prevents you from changing your mindset.

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Are you controlling and demanding? If you say yes, then you must change your method now. Approach your child with love and acceptance. Bring good energy around your child. This population is very sensitive. Demonstrate enthusiasm and get excited while teaching him or her. Your child will be more receptive in learning how to socialize with you. Seek training in the Son-Rise program or programs that are similar. Once you learned the program well, get others to volunteer their time to help you (See resources below).

Prepare a room for you to teach the individual with autism social skills. This room should not have any pictures on the walls or in other areas. There should be plenty of room to move around. Place appropriate and interesting items that will capture the child’s or individual’s interest. This makes learning fun. The room should also have some of the following items, such as a trampoline, therapy ball, chewy tube, flash cards, writing utensils, paper, etc.

Take the time to teach social skills for several hours or more during the week. This can be done by joining in with the child. For example, if the child spins dishes, then you should spin the dishes as well. Place yourself nearby where the child can see you. When the child or individual stops and looks at you for joining in, celebrate with a big cheer for giving you good eye contact. This is a great opportunity to teach them. Go into your child’s world and gently bring him or her into our world.

You should install a two-way mirror or video camera inside the room, if applicable. This will allow you to see your volunteers while they are  interacting with your child. You will be able to provide feedback, which is very crucial in helping your child progress.  Create data sheets to record what is effective or ineffective . Brainstorm with your volunteers on how to improve the individual with autism social skills and learning. Utilize these suggestions with your child.

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How are you responding to your child’s needs or wants? Do you give the child what he or she wants while having a tantrum or crying? Think about this for a moment and answer the question. If you say yes, then you are teaching the child how to communicate to you this way. Delay giving your anything if they are crying or throwing a tantrum. Let them understand that you do not know what he or she wants by crying or throwing a tantrum. Calm them down. Establish eye contact; say the word calmly and patiently. Praise the child if he or she makes an attempt to speak and for establishing eye contact. Pointing is okay and can be worked up to verbal language. If the child has some form of verbal communication, then extend it by connecting unknown words to his or her vocabulary. For example, if the child says “juice”, teach the child how to say “cup” next. Make a connection while the juice is pouring inside the cup and continue to build on the child’s vocabulary.

Mostly importantly, pay attention to your tone and attitude around individuals with autism. You must have a loving and nonjudgmental attitude as mention previously. This makes a big difference in reaching them or not.

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Here are some books or Cd’s you want to read  or heard such as

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  • Breakthrough Strategies for Autism Spectrum Disorders by Raun K. Kaufman.
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  • Special Children/Special Solutions CD by Samahria Lyte Kaufman
  • Happiness is a Choice by Barry Neil Kaufman
    • Autism Can be Cured  CD by Barry Neil Kaufman

Photos by Autism Treatmentment Center of America and Rawich @

Jan. 03.

How to Become a Giver

“It is better to give than it is to receive.” This profound statement speaks the truth and rings a bell to those who have ears to hear.  However, there is nothing wrong with receiving.  Being receptive is allowing your blessing to come forth. Unfortunately, some get stuck in the  receptive mode. These people become  takers and only look for their blessings.  When you take, you create a deficit in the universe. If you are not giving, the universe will not give to you. In other words, you cannot reap because you  did not sow. Therefore, learn how to become a giver.  Become a blessing to others instead of always seeking a blessing.

There are many ways you can give. You can give some of your time to those who are in need.  Donate money to a worthy cause or charity. Tithe to a church or who gives you spiritual advice. Make someone happy or feel special.  It could be simple as giving someone a smile or volunteering your time. When you give from your heart, you are making deposits in the universe. You will reap the benefits from your deposits. Our creator loves it when we give and help each other. God bestows many blessings upon us because of our giving hearts. Think and writing down  how you can be a blessing to others, then carry it out. Become a giver from your heart. Just remember what you give out, you get back.

Jan. 03.

Manifest Your Goals

Here are some tips in making your desires come true. Manifest your goals easily.  First, believe in yourself  if you want others to believe in you.  You must also believe that you deserve to be successful.  Secondly, you must change your consciousness in believing you can achieve your goals through affirmations and visualization for at least 15 minutes or more throughout the day.  Write down your goals as if you had already achieved them. You must change your inner world to see changes in your environment.  Take the time to work on your desires or  passions.  Whether it is an hour a day or a few minutes.  Action is very important in  how to make your desires come true or a reality.

Unfortunately, people have great ideas, but fail to put them into action or give up too quickly.  Paitence is a virtue and must be practiced. Each time you fail, learn from your failure and try again. Many great  businesspeople failed many times while getting started. For example, the founder of Macy’s department  store failed in the beginning before this store became a huge success. He eventually manifested his dream department store. You too can manifest your goals.

Complete this activity.

Write down the following questions and think about them while you are  coming up with your answers. What are your desires or passions in life and why?  How do you want to pursue them and when?    Does your desires or passions resonate within your soul? If you say yes, then you are on the right track.

Change your surroundings and get help!

Hang around like-minded people. The wrong people will talk you out of your dreams. They will tell you why it will not work or why it’s impossible to do it. Seek or attract people who are doing what you are pursuing. Get advice from the right  people who had succeeded in the field you are aspiring and practice the attitude of gratitude. Seek help if you are stuck. A good mentor or a coach will help you get on track in manifesting your goals. You can also seek help from the divine. Just go within yourself to connect with God to help you find ways to  accomplish your goals.  Create a progress sheet for you goals. Write down daily 15 things you are grateful for in a journal. This is letting the universe know that you want more of the good things in life.  Practice all of these steps and see how your desires come into fruition. These are a few tips on how to manifest your desires.