Aug. 02.

As Within So Without

As within so without! Your belief system and thought patterns inside your mind will show up in your surroundings. People often seek happiness outside of  themselves, instead of finding it within. If you want to change  your life, go inside your  subconsciousness and change those deep rooted beliefs. .

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Mediation is one proven method in listening to your inner guidance from the divine or to access the cosmic universe within. Affirmations are also good because it retrains the mind. However, the affirmations must be believable and worded in the present tense. For example, “I am happy” or “I am at peace.” When you use “I am,” you align with the divine or universe. It can also be worded in the past tense to get through the subconscious mind. For example, “I have always been happy” or  “I have always been at peace.” The subconsciousness plays out in the physical world by attracting  certain people, circumstances, events, etc to you. This gives the meaning as within so without validity.


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Visualization is also a great tool in manifesting the life you want, because it falls into the metaphysics of  ” As within so without.”  It can be done by using all of your senses by seeing it, feeling it, smelling it, tasting and living it.  Go through the imagination of having it already and let it play out like a movie in your mind. Believe that it is happening for real and it manifest on the physical plane.

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Write down your thoughts or desires you want to see in the physical world. View them three times or more daily, focus on them continuously and  align vibrationally with these thoughts or desires.

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Have faith in what you want  to accomplish. Don’t let hurdles get in your way. It could be the universe or the divine testing your faith. If you believe it within, it will manifest in the physical. As within so without. “Walk by faith and not by sight.”


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